​This is a nice place to live, because we all make an effort to take care of it.  On the following pages we tell  you how we manage to keep our home safe and clean.  All are based on common sense and simple courtesies--remembering that other people are sharing this space with you.  This way we take care of the property, and in doing so, we take care of each other.

The Lester Room sign 

Lesters Plaque fixed again


Photo of Lester by Cinda Lium


under construction paint roller We will include a little talk about what made him so special.

aka The Community Room

The Lester Room is open to everyone from 8:AM to 4:30, Monday through Friday.


On Hand to Support Your Event

kitchen pink piano billiards table c movie night red curtain


We supply the Kitchen--bring your own recipes, food, utensils, dishes, etc.

We supply the piano--bring your own sheet music, talented fingers, etc.

We supply the billiards table--bring your own balls,  cues, etc.

We supply the wide screen, movies, projector, seating & popcorn--bring you own suspension of disbelief, etc.

 Standing Reservations

For the  Lester Room

DTCL  Steering Committee         First Monday of Every Month          10:AM until Noon:ish

Movie Night                                      Last Wednesday of Every Month      8:PM until it's over

Indigo                                                 Every Thursday Night                        7:PM onward (???)


For the  Library/Lounge

 Game Night                                     Every Tuesday Night                         8:PM until 10:ish (in the Library/Lounge area)

 (Allow at least one hour on each end of these times to include set-up and clean-up)

Booking Reservations for Your Events

Check to be sure that nobody else is scheduled for its use before you apply for the space.

If planning an  event, reserve your space ahead of time with the office, to be sure nobody else will be using it., then fill out the proper paperwork--the Application and Permit for use of Community Building Space. and confirm the space and time.  It must be filled out for the current month, and for continuing events, it must be filled out again every month.  Please make sure flyers advertising your even contain the correct day/date/time.  We can do standing applications, but when it is an event other that what is listed above, an application needs to be submitted--this is especially important for holidays and impromptu parties.


Be Wise:  Do not begin to set up your event (decorations, table arrangement,  etc.) until the day of your event. 

The community room is open during the day, and sometimes things  walk away on their own . . . people might think they are left behind from a finished event, or gremlins must be getting them!  Best not to leave them unattended once you start.

Be Courteous:  In addition, someone might have the space reserved for the night before your event, and you don't want to force them to have to take the time and energy to carefully take all your preparation down and set it aside so they can prepare for their own event when they may not have allowed extra time for this, then have to rush their own prepation.  If time is really short, they may call you to come down and take all your efforts down, forcing you to do them all over again the next day.

When your event is over, clean the area before you leave it, wash the dishes, scrub the counters and tables, deposit trash in appropriate locations, return all equipment to the locations wehre you found things, sweep nd/or mop the floors (as needed),  lock up and return the key to the office.

 from the terrace pink fixed

rose garden sign 2c 

Well, it isn't a rose garden exclusively . . . but during the summer months their abundance dominates the South Terrace.

All of the plants around the building are personal favorites that have been placed by residents and are looked after by them.  David takes care of the greatest group of them, and he can  coordinate a space for you to put a few plants of your own somewhere around the building.

If you did not provide them yourself, please do not pick the flowers, they are there for everone to enjoy!

      bbq sign

 We have grills available on the Terrace for everyone to make use of.

Be sure to check, during potentially heavy-use perions (such as the Fourth of July) to see if they have been reserved by someone else during the time when you wish to use them.

When finished, the ashes & coals must be handled by . . . . never dump them in the garden plots or on the pavement.


Denny Terrace has no Groundskeeper.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our property clean and tidy.

We need volunteers to help with basic cleanup . . . especially emptying the garbage cans

where you so kindly put all your trash.  See David Norris to offer your services.

Or you can be an anonymous good samaritan who regularly takes care of the job!


laundry room sign 

The Laundry Room is located on the 5th Floor, across from rooms 517 & 518. 

It is open all the time for the use of all residents.

Use Common Sense. . .

Do not leave your laundry unattended.

Denny Terrace is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles.

Use No More than ¼ cup detergent in the washers.

Any more than that tends to clog the washers and  eventually shuts them down.

Do not overload the machines.

Damaged machines and/or insufficiently washed clothes are the result.

. . . & Courtesy

 Because there are only 5 Washers and 5 Dryers


Because over 200 people need to use them

This laundry room is reserved for residents' use only.

There is a Laundromat about 2 blocks away, next to City Market.

Use only 2 washers or dryers at a time during peak-use hours

(8:AM to 8:PM)

Remove Clothes Promptly.

If a washer or dryer with clothes in it that has completed the cycle,

And if you have waited for more than 15 minutes

for that laundry to be picked up by its owner,

You may place the finished laundry on top of the machine,

or on the sorting table, or in the rolling basket,

And then use that finished machine for your own laundry.

Clean the lint screen!

Thanks, from Your Waiting Neighbors!

And while you're waiting for your laundry to finish . . .

snack vending machine coke machine



 lost and found kids

Did You Find Something That Isn't Yours?

Take it to the Lobby Office and turn it in as a lost item.

The staff actually has a place to keep it safe, and knows about identifying owners.

Do not keep it in your apartment and expect someone to come knocking on a stranger's door . . .

Personal safety issues make this a risky bit of business for both the finder and the person who lost something.

The office is both the traditional place and the safest place for this activity.

If the office is closed, hold the item until someone is there to receive it.

Did You Lose Something That Is Yours?

Check with the Lobby Office, ask them to check their lost and found department.


basset cartoon 

Pets & Service Animals 

All animals must be registered with the office.

Full policies, including fees, are on file in the office for those owning or considering acquisition of a companion animal .                 ​

Service Animals:  1. Animals that work, provide assistance or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability. 

                              2. Animals that provide emotional support to alleviate one or more identified symptoms or effects of  a

                                  person's disability

Pets:                      Smaller, domesticated animals such as a dog, cat, bird, certain rodents,  ferret, fish or turtle.

Quantities            1 Dog or 1 Cat (but not both)--no taller than 15 inches at the shoulder or 35 pounds weight maximum

                              2 Birds

                              1 Aquarium, 55-gallon capacity and as many fish are comfortable in it


General Expectations

No animals may wander freely in the halls or on the grounds without a leash.

Clean up after your pets.  Pet waste carries parasites and disease that can spread to other pets, as well as to humans.


Your Mama Doesnt Live Here 



                         Garbage(gray cans)                       Recycling                          Food Scraps & Yard Waste


Depending on equipent available in the city and county for dealing with recycling and so forth, the illustrated handouts of what is garbage, what is recycle, and what is compostable vary often.  I looked for some of those we've received to link them to our site, but they don't seem to be available, either on the page of the organization that prepared it, nor on google.  When the handouts are provided, add them to the welcome materials given to you upon moving in.

Where Does It Go?--trying to find links to the various recycling handouts, but have had no success thus far . . .

 Use photos of our 'garage' locations with links to our various handouts

 Hazardous Waste Disposal


Local Hazardous Waste



Used Electronics

Sight Connection (limited pickups for people with vision loss)

Take It Back Network  (King County Electronics Recycling)


Miniature Livestock

Bed Bugs  

During the past fifty years or so, these creatures had become mythological creatures.

The phrase, "Don't let the bedbugs bit!"  Was a silly little 'good-night' expression.

            Sometime during the last 10 years, they have returned and taken over the county in epidemc proportions. 

They even found some in President Clinton's office.

Below you can see what they look like, in all phases of their existence, and how to recognize their presence.

bed bug lifecycle stages

 These highly exploded images show what these little blood-suckers look like.


What the Bites Look Like


A single bite accompanied by a typical showing of a series of bites.


What They Look Like Hiding in Your Furniture & Other Places

bbmattress 1

In a mattress, couch, etc.

bbwood infestation

In wood

bbbook infestation

In your favorite books  

   What Can Attract Them & How They Can Travel

They are, first and foremost, attracted to CO2--your exhalation.

When people drag infested furniture through the halls, if the furniture should get bumped and a bug falls off,

(this can happen, say, to pushing a mattress through the entry doors, and onto and off an elevator)

the bug will search out the nearest location of CO2 and enter that person's unit.

If a person's unit is badly infected, the person will also carry them on their person, often visibly on the clothing.  When that happens, the places where they sit usually acqire the bugs as well, and thus pass them on to the next person to sit there.

If you travel, beware the luggage racks in hotels & motels.  They like to live in the webbing, waiting to crawl into your luggage.

They do not jump from place to place, because their bodies are not built for jumping,

but they do climb walls and across ceilings,

positioning themselves above sleeping people before letting go and dropping on your head.

What to Do About Them

Tell the office at once--they will provide professionals who will handle them safely and properly.

What Not to do About Them

Do not ever use bug bombs, because they don't kill bed bugs--


The bombs cause them to spead out in your unit, infesting all the rooms. 

Then they creep into cracks in the floors & walls, moving in all directions--

infesting all you neighors:  left, right, back, front, upstairs and downstairs.

How to Avoid Them in Public Places

In fitting rooms--don't leave your bags on the floor, but hang them from hooks provided for hangers.

In theaters, again, keep your bags in your lap.

In other places, glance around the seats you are about to use, and note in the places shown in the pictures above whether signs of their presence exist; sit somewhere else if you see signs.

Roaches aka Cockroaches 

American cockroach 

American Cockroach


But no matter their national origins and color combination, roaches will be recognizable instantly.  While they are pretty easily controlled in a living unit with those little roach motel disks, they are best handled (to prevent their travel to other units) when you  notify your manager at once, who will call that nice pest-control person and take care of them professionally and safely.