​​Computer Lab History

We Got It Going

hall of honor 2 

We Opened Our Doors

26 February 2010 


We  Kept It Going

Denver Slater

Joyce Riggins

Larry Wisdom

We Got Good Enough to Teach  Workshops

Judy Frank

June Rhoton

We  Keep It Going Now

David L. Norris

Elaine Martinez

Havalock Jones

Judy Frank

Lydia Shepherd

Mary Reeves

Mike Porter

Nancy Rodriguez

Russ Chick

Staggo Lee

Sybil Bailey

Supporting Our Efforts

                                                      Oscar Escalante        Project Coordinator


                                                    David Sellinger         Tech Support

                                                     Mike Pollack             Project Coordinator

                                                                                     Tech Support 

                                                    Galia Dadiomova      Instructor

                                                    Alex Hewit                Full Life Rep

                                                    Chloe Bethany          Full Life Rep


This film shows the lab committee at City Hall where we heard  Seattle Mayor Ed Murray speak a few words on the importance of the hard work we were doing and congratulating our commitment to bringing all of Seattle up to a high standard of technological literacy. This video hints at the  great program that the City of Seattle has created for low income communities.   These grant-winning activities  are driven by volunteers helping their neighbors!   Each grant-winning group spoke for a few minutes about the projects they were undertaking.  Finally each group received a certificate acknowledging its grant win, while being treated to fresh fruit and cookes! (Film by resident, Larry Wisdom) 

We Survive on Grants

Bill Wright Technology Matching Fund  (City of Seattle)

$10,300 Awarded  (date?) 2009, to be completed in 1 year 

Grant Writer: 

This grant allowed us to create our mini-lab.


Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) 

 $96,196, split between Jefferson and Denny Terraces.

Awarded 16 September 2010, to be completed in 2 years.

Grant Writer: 


Seattle Technology Matching Fund Grant  

$14,521  Awarded 16 May 2014, to be completed in 1 Year.

Grant Writer:  Ellen Kissman.

This grant allowed us to upgrade our hardware and create this web page,

with an active calendar of events concerning everyone in the building.


Seattle Technology Matching Fund Grant  

 $20,047.00 Awarded on 20 May 2015, to be completed in 1 Year.

Grant Writer:  Sylvie McGee, MSW

This grant will allow us to expand our lab space and create a multi-cultural digital cookbook reflecting the various cultures, talents and personalities living in the building.  It will  encourage community involvement for all of us. We hope, also, that the recipe collection will include typing skills and basic computer classes being taught in the enlarged lab . . .


 Advisor & Chief Cheerleader

Marcia Johnson, SHA

Community Builder



This film shows some of the early activities of the comuter lab, and many activites

for the general population of Denny Terrace, led and sponsored by various members

of the computer lab people.

Video by Larry Wisdom.  Music:   "Together In Electric Dreams (Extended) (2003 Digital Remaster)" by Phil Oakey, Giorgio Moroder (Google Play iTunes AmazonMP3.  Category     Nonprofits & Activism 

The Denny Terrace Computer  Lab

We are a very active group of people, many of us deeply enaged in several areas of the building's activities--indeed, we sponsor many of them ourselves.  Over the past few years we successfully wrote several grant applications, which allowed us to create this lab and support it, as well as other activities in the building.

Lab hours

Currently we are open Monday through Saturday, during the following hours:

Day                   Mornings                   Evenings                Resident Volunteer 

Sunday                                               6:PM to 8:PM           Staggo Lee

Monday                                              6:PM to 8:PM           Havalock Jones

Tuesday                                              6:PM to 8:PM           Russ Chic    

Wednesday                                       6:PM to 8PM            David Norris

Thursday       10:AM to12:Noon                                        Elaine Martinez    

                                                            6:PM to 8:PM            David Norris 

 Friday           10:AM to12:Noon                                         Chloe Bethany

                                                            6:PM to 8:PM            Staggo Lee        

 Saturday       10:AM to 12: Noon                                      Staggo Lee                      

Volunteer Opportunities

People willing to commit themselves to supporting the lab with definitely scheduled times can volunteer as Lab Supervisors for 2-hour stints at times of their choosing.  The more reliable volunteers we have, the more open hours we can offer to residents.


These change quarterly, and are available only when we are in possession of a grant that allows us to hire instructors.

Spring Quarter Classes


Basic Classes                                  Wednesdays 10:AM--Noon,

Digital Photography                     Wednesdays   1:PM--3:PM,

Stand-Alone (Walk-In) Sessions  Wednesdays   1:PM--3:PM,  

Writing a Personal Blog, Part I    Wednesday     1:PM--3:PM  




Movie Night at the Lester is a monthly event sponsored by The Denny Terrace Computer Lab.  Music   "There's No Business Like Show Business" by Ethel Merman (Google Play AmazonMP3 iTunes


Movie Night at the Lester

We show a movie on the last Wednesday of every month, always with free popcorn, and with other free goodies when possible.  The movies, always excellent choices, are chosen from the result of a survey we sent out.

Movies We've Already Shown

We've been showing movies on an average of once a month to the entire building, on our own computer-generated wide-screen, shown against a large blank wall in the Lester Room.  We've shown a wonderfully varied set of films, including  classic films and modern films in all genres.