​​We considered getting s​ome of our residents to write testimonials, but as you can see for yourself, this is a very nice place to live . . . 

Larry Wisdom mug shotThe best video maker in the building is Larry Wisdom, whose work gets better with each project . . . some of his work is on this page.  These videos celebrate the community members with special events they are involved in.

Through the years we have had many celebrations connnected to  various  events, including:



Retirement Parties

Computer Lab Graduation

As you can see, we have given much energy to celebrating our traditional holidays . . .

Holidays are builders of community and they help define cultural traditions.


Big Thanks to Seattle Housing Authority and Community Benefits Fund and Resident crew for a wonderful 4th.  Larry made a real effort to get everyone to dance at this party!

Video by Larry Wisdom.  Music:  "Firework" by Starmakers (Google Play iTunes AmazonMP3)



Two Residents (Party Throwers) did up Halloween right and they are pointed out in video-------Thanks.

It was the best Halloween ever!  Video by Larry Wisdom.

Music:   "This Is Halloween" by The Citizens of Halloween (Google Play iTunes AmazonMP3)



On November 14th, 2014 The S H A management and it's Community Building Fund put on an Autumn Feast in the Lester Jones Room of Denny Terrace. Many volunteered to help:   everyone had a great time.

Video by Larry Wisdom:  Music:   "Wake Me Up" by Avicii (Google Play iTunes AmazonMP3)



12/08/2014 Denny Terrace decorated for Christmas-sorry for fuzzy photography, I broke my glasses.  Thanks to Shannon (S H A )) and Judy ( resident) for refreshments.  Video by Larry Wisdom.

Music :    "Let It Be Christmas" by Alan Jackson (Google Play iTunes AmazonMP3)