​In addition to the very versatile Computer Lab, other activities express our lives.

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Gardening  Photos and Collage by Mary Reeves and Judy Frank



 The computer lab's  5th Anniversary Reunion Party.  We found all the people responsible for getting the lab started and keeping it going over the years and gave certificates of appreciation to all of them, each certificate outlining their contributions to our continuing success.  Video footage taken and assembled by Larry Wisdom.  Music "Background Ft. C-Lite" by Lecrae (Google Play iTunes eMusic AmazonMP3)


Game Night

games night group game night games
game night mike checking all there Greg Mike

 We enjoy games every Tuesday night in the Library/Lounge . . .


And, you can start your very own Activities!

make collages here for these various activities .

Through the years we have had many celebrations . . . celebrating various good things, including:



Denny Terrace's celebration on the fourth was possible because of great volunteers, SHA community Building Funding and a lot of heroes.  Video:  Larry Wisdom.  Music "The Star Spangled Banner" by Madison Rising (Google Play AmazonMP3 iTunes eMusic)

 under construction paint roller

Gather pictures of these events for use in this space

We have a driftwood carver who works outside and in the library,

depending on the weather.

We have had someone come in to teach us watercolor painting

Perhaps various residents have skills they'd be willing to teach us, adding photos

of these events as they occur . . .


Hardware Available to Support Your Activities 

We have a piano and a kitchen available to support various social activities.


Favorite Activities

If you see an activity without a​ chair, it needs someone to take over that position. 

coffee morning

Chair Needed

Schedule tbd

pancke breakfast

Chair Needed

Schedule tbd

stone soup 2

It's what you bring to the pot!

 Sybil Bailey?  AnneMarie Burks? Chair

Schedule tbd

monthly birthday candles

 Monthly Birthday Parties 

Celebrate Each Other! 

AnneMarie Burks Chair

 Schedule tbd

 game night

   AnneMarie Burks, Chair 

Every Tuesday Night:  8:PM to 10:ish  

movie night film strip

 David L. Norris, Chair 

Last Wednesday of Every Month--8:PM

Movie night was begun and continues under the protection of the Computer Lab, with David  in the projection box.  Check the Computer 'tab'  to find more details on the movies.

gardening green 

 David L. Norris, Chair 

Many people have been involvded in building these gardens over the years.  Check with David to see where space might be available for planting, or where individual pots might find a solitary focus, or where you might volunteer to assist in upkeep..


reading room sign john 


We have many serious readers in the building, with an ever-changing lending/swapping library.

Perhaps you'd want to start a book club. 


But Wait!  That's not all! 

In addition to the regularly scheduled events, we have facilities where you can enjoy your own activities, alone or with others.


Art & Craft Sessions

Private Card Games



And anything else you can dream up and want to take charge of.  Our possibilities are limited only by your potential and interests!