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        The History of Denny Terrace  

Denny Terrace is one of 28 High Rise buildings owned and operated by Seattle Housing Authority (SHA), in and around the Seattle area.  The Terrace was constructed in 1969 for Seniors and Disabled persons with mid- to low-incomes.  We have 220 units with a live-in manager and a backup staff.  We have built a functional community.  The building has one- and two-bedroom units available, along with some nice studio units, for low income singles and families.   We are located on a hilltop facing the west . . . with a nice view.

Since its construction, 40-odd years ago, Denny has  come to include a diverse resident mixture, including those challenged by age, physical limitations, ethnic, language  and cultural backgrounds, rainbow orientation, and so on.  

We are an actively Green building, and thanks to funds made available through President Obama's policies, we were able to completely refurbish the  building, making it possible for us to keep it both green and comfortable.  We work hard to maintain it as  a comfortable, clean and secure living environment.

You will find information in this site explaining the common sense and courteous practices that make our little community a pleasant one for all.

The Denny Terrace Staff

In-House Staff

Building Manager: Jesse McGrath 206-314-0234


Assistant Property Manager: Shannon Salinas 206-770-6791        


SHA Staff 

Senior Property Manager: Mike K. Chen 206-239-1676


Property Manager: Laura  Van Houten 206-223-5357


Social Work Professionals

 Suite 214

Social Worker, City of Seattle

     Human Services Department:

Andy Chan 206-684-0597

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Office Hours:
Monday      9:AM to Noon
Tuesday      9:AM to 1:PM

If not here, leave note a under the door or call to make appointment.

Full Life Care Service Coordinator 
Rachel Wyda 206-552-5021    

Office Hours:   Wednesday  1:PM to 4:PM

Please call to set up an appointment.

The DTCL Website Builders

Denny Terrace Computer Lab Steeing Committe

& Grant Writing Team


David L. Norris       Founding Member,  Lab Manager & Lab Supervisor

Judy Frank               Manager's Assistant and Librarian
Elaine Martinez     Steering Committee Secretary and Lab Supervisor
Havalock Jones      Steering Committee and Lab Supervisor
Mary Reeves            Steering Committee

Nancy Rodriguez   Steering Committee

Sybil Bailey              Steering Committee


Galia Dadiomova   Instructor and Advisor​

Mike Pollack           Grant Manager & Tech Support          

Marcia Johnson     SHA Community Builder & Advisor


We made this for you!

This web page is the most recent evolution of a twenty-year project that started out as the Denny Terrace Residents' Handbook, continued through as the Denny Terrace Residents' Resource Book, and now the Denny Terrace Web Page, where all of those earlier materials have been the bases of this illustrated document.

Early editions were created, edited, revised and passed on by

 Sybil Bailey 

Karen Jensen

Anne Marie Burks

Judy Frank

The Denny Terrace Computer Lab.


Others Who Helped Us Find  Our Resources 

All of our Committee Members, and These Others 

Food Banks                                     Linda Woolley & Trudy Ashton

Clothing Banks                              Anne Marie Burks

Directions for Getting Here     Jim Charles



This web page has been designed, filled, and produced as a site of the people, by the people and for the people of this community.  It is solely for active information relating and belonging to the community. Except where specifically indicated,  it in no way reflects any position of Seattle Housing Authority, and its content does not offer any legal binding on anyone involved in or connected to SHA. 

The information changes frequently and we do our best to keep up with it as accurately as possible.  That is all.


Video/Photos by a resident, David Norris, an avid gardener, using the program Movie Maker, here in our Computer Lab.  Music::  .................Without You ................... ​​


Denny Terrace Entrance 

 under construction paint roller

Another film will be embedded here--a guided tour of the building?  A good front-man walking a newbie through the key points of the building, telling newbie where things are, maybe a story or two to make it feel like home.

Walking through the building, starting with coming in the door and noticing the  Garden mural by Karen Jensen before  noticing the office door, passing the Computer Lab bulletin board, entering the library, again noticing Karen's mural work and the layout of the library;  then moving on to the Lester Room.  On the way back, going around the elevator bank to the JPAC & RAC bulletin boards.  Go up to the 2nd floor and show off both Andy's Office and the Computer Lab.  Then up to five (show elevator floor number on each of these) with the Laundry Room, then outside to the back entrance area.  Coming down again, and out the front door, around the garden, then to the recycle/compost/garbage cans.  Finally, a sweeping view across the city (on a nice day, showing the town), the mountains and Queen Anne hill. (with, perhaps, moving to the space needles, and 'fade' to New Years Eve fireworks.


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