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Denny Terrace Apartments

Japan presented these Japanese cherry trees as a gift to this housing facility. (Photo: jmf--2015)

When we move into new apartments & neighborhoods,

we need to know where to find things:

In-House things like Laundry Rooms;

Pop Machines; Community Rooms;

resident-sponsored activities, and so on,

along with all the Common Sense and Courtesies that go with them.

Neighborhood things:  Bus Stops, Stores, Restaurants, Churches, Clinics . . .

Necessary Services:  Food & Clothing Banks; Inexpensive Shopping;

Veterans & Senior Services, Local Clinics, etc.


This website, built upon the Residents' Resources Handbook which we've kept up for years,

is the latest and best location to find all of those things we need to know—

and unlike that paper publication, it is revised and updated regularly.

You can always find it on a computer in our Computer Lab—Room 214

during the hours posted on our bulletin board in the main Lobby,

or in the Library, which the City wired to let us use our computers there.


Denny Terrace is surrounded by a garden that we have planted ourselves;

we keep it up meticulously.

Rest assured that we work hard toward keeping life here just a little bit nicer for you.

Welcome to our Garden

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